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Recycling of oxide-ceramic fibers in a spinning process for the production of yarn structures for fiber-reinforced ceramics (ROxi)


Pretest Carding
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Pretest Carding

O-CMC (Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites) are high-strength, creep-, corrosion-, oxidation- and thermal shock-resistant at very high temperatures above 1000 °C and are also insulating. Due to their excellent properties, the use of these new materials in modern heat treatment processes has become increasingly widespread in recent years, displacing conventional materials. However, the reinforcing oxide ceramic long-fiber rovings used in O-CMC are very expensive.


Flyer bobbin
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Flyer bobbin

The aim of the project is to recycle ceramic roving waste, which is produced during CMC component manufacture in the winding process and is to be returned to component manufacture. Modified material characteristics will result in components that are manufactured in a material- and resource-saving way and are predestined to open up new applications and markets due to their lower costs.


Sintering and soldering tray
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Sintering and soldering tray

The long fiber offcuts are prepared, cleaned, cut to a defined length, then blended with a carrier fiber and processed into a roving in an adapted yarn production process. The resulting hybrid yarn structure is fed to the winding process as reinforcement material. The material characteristics will also be determined.

  • Fiber material: provision, cleaning and cutting of the fiber waste
  • Spinning: mixing and yarn production
  • O-CMC: winding and component production

Project Data

Project Duration 1.9.2022 - 31.8.2025
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz
Funding Amount TFK 350.000 Euro
Project Partners Fraunhofer-Application Center TFK
WPX Faserkeramik GmbH
Die Spinnerei Neuhof
Project Coordination Fraunhofer-Application Center for Textile Fiber Ceramics TFK
Project Management at the TFK Felix Meier