The R&D results of Fraunhofer Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL are applied in the following areas: ceramics/CMCs, thermal process technology, device engineering, and product control.


Ceramics / CMCs

Ceramics can be used in a variety of industries due to their stiffness, chemical resistance, and numerous functional properties.


Thermal Process Technology

The EU's climate protection goals and the increasing cost of energy require more sustainable heat treatment processes as well as new or modified industrial furnaces. Fraunhofer Center HTL offers its expertise in this area and, upon request, carries out the planning and design of energy-efficient thermal process devices for customers.


Device Engineering

Fraunhofer Center HTL develops customer-specific devices or device components for component production and measurement. Together with the customer, a task clarification is carried out, in which the requirements and framework conditions are precisely defined.


Product Control

Fraunhofer Center HTL has numerous methods for the thermal, mechanical, and non-destructive testing of materials.