Thermal Process Technology


Thermal Process Devices

The EU's climate protection goals and the increasing cost of energy require more sustainable thermal treatment processes as well as new or modified industrial furnaces. Fraunhofer Center HTL offers its expertise in this area and, upon request, carries out the planning and design of energy-efficient thermal process devices for customers.


Process Optimization

Sustainable thermal processes are a focus of research and development activities at Fraunhofer Center HTL. This includes issues such as the conversion of thermal processes to CO2-neutral operation, for example through the use of green hydrogen as a heat source, or the general switch from gas-fired heating to electric heating.


User Apps

Fraunhofer Center HTL has long-established and continuously developed models for thermoprocesses that can reliably predict the behavior of ceramic and powder metallurgical green parts based on the parameters of the thermal treatment.


Analysis of Industrial Furnaces

Fraunhofer Center HTL offers a variety of measurement methods to analyze industrial furnace systems on-site. These methods are suitable for analyzing e.g., pusher plate furnaces, tunnel furnaces, belt furnaces, roller furnaces, ring furnaces, or chamber furnaces.


Contract Firing Processes

At Fraunhofer Center HTL, numerous furnaces are available for the thermal treatment of oxide and non-oxide ceramics and metals. The processes can be carried out in different atmospheres and optimized in close collaboration with the customer.