ThermoOptical Measuring System TOM_metal

TOM_metal is a graphite heated ThermoOptical Measurement (TOM) device for inert or reduced gas or vacuum. This plant can be operated under pure hydrogen up to a pressure of 1 bar and under inert gas up to a pressure of 30 bar.

The furnace is suitable for samples with a maximum diameter of 200 mm, height 400 mm and weight up to 25 kg. TOM_metal possesses a telecentric beam path for precision dimensional measurement. Dimensional changes are detected optically with a resolution of 0.3 µm. The optical axis allows analyses of samples up to a diameter of 15 mm and a height of 15 mm. Performing heat treatments in pure hydrogen or at overpressure is an option to include powder metals, hard metals and silicon nitride ceramics.

Our Services:

  • Analysis of dimensional changes, deformation and creep in samples at high temperatures up to 1850 °C
  • Operation in inert gas, reducing atmospheres or vacuum as well as hydrogen or overpressure up to 30 bar
  • Analyses for sintering of powder metals, hard metals and silicon nitride