Product Control


Mechanical Testing

Fraunhofer-Center HTL offers a wide range of mechanical testing procedures at room temperature and at temperatures up to 1500°C for the testing of ceramics and ceramic fiber composites.


Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing methods can be used to examine components and material samples from almost all types of materials, including ceramics, plastics, metals, and composite materials.


High Temperature Characterization

The measurement of material properties at high temperatures requires precise control of the sample temperature. Measurement volumes must be sufficiently large to provide representative material properties, yet not larger than necessary to allow for short heating and cooling cycles.



In addition to mechanical and non-destructive testing methods and procedures for high-temperature characterization, Fraunhofer Center HTL has numerous analysis methods for characterizing liquids, suspensions, and solids.


Online Measurement Methods

Fraunhofer Center HTL develops customized measurement methods for process and product control. Depending on customer requirements, these can be designed for inline, online, at-line or offline measurements.