Fiber Testing

Fraunhofer Center HTL offers qualitative and quantitative testing methods for the characterization of fibers, textile structures, and components. The focus here is on testing inorganic fibers for use as textile reinforcement. Testing of all other fiber types is also possible. The testing procedures are carried out in accordance with standards by experienced professionals.

Service Offering:

  • Methods for testing fiber reinforcements, among others in high-performance ceramics/CMC according to DIN EN 1007 (determination of sizing content, fineness, fiber diameter and cross-section, tensile properties and elongation at room and high temperature)
  • Yarn and cord abrasion tests
  • Evaluation of sizing effect
  • Evaluation of infiltrability of preforms
  • Characterization of the thermal stability of ceramic fibers in oxidizing atmosphere up to 1750°C or in inert or reducing atmosphere up to 2100°C
  • Characterization of the chemical resistance of ceramic fibers to acids or bases as well as to metallic melts
  • Evaluation of corrosive fiber attack
  • Determination of creep deformation of ceramic fibers using BSR test (BSR: Bend Stress Relaxation)
  • Determination of high-temperature tensile and creep strength of ceramic fibers in inert gas atmosphere up to 1500°C
  • Bend, tensile and compressive tests
  • Digital microscopic analyses (including determination of phase composition)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Infrared (IR) spectroscopy
  • CT and SEM analysis

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