Currently Funded Project

Highly Innovative Antenna Technologies for New-Space Applications (HANT)


LEA reflector subsystem
Artistic representation of the LEA reflector subsystem

The growing market for high-performance antenna systems is driven by the increased requirements in the earth observation sector and the demands of the "new space" community. In addition, there is increasing cost pressure in the procurement of satellites and their components. Deployable antenna systems need to be lightweight and at the same time have very small installation spaces for reflector diameters of 0.5 to 5 meters. The key aspect is the combination of lightweight construction technology with mesh technologies for the reflective surface of the reflector. Together with an innovative deployment mechanism, a competitive development tailored to global small satellites and satellite constellations can be realized. This promises cost savings in development and production. The know-how gained from other deployable antenna projects will be transferred to this joint project.


Reflector in the test lab
Reflector in the test lab

The aim of the project is to develop modular antenna technologies for space applications from mesh components, additively manufactured composites in lightweight construction or mold construction with a focus on small satellites and constellations for earth observation and telecommunications.

Work packages at Fraunhofer-Center HTL / Application Center TFK:

  • Further development of mesh tapes
  • Connection solution from the mesh tape to the mesh and to the rigid base construction
  • Development of a suitable solution for finishing the mesh edges


Knitted mesh
© HPS GmbH
Knitted mesh with connecting structure
  • Development of textile form-fitting mesh tape structures with reinforced connection options to the mesh and to the rigid folded construction
  • Development of variants for simplified edge seam stabilization

Project Data

Project Duration 1.1.2023 - 31.8.2025
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Funding Amount HTL 120.000 Euro
Project Partners Fraunhofer Application Center for Textile Fiber Ceramics TFK
HPS GmbH (High Performance Space Structure Systems)
Technical University of Munich
Project Coordination HPS GmbH (High Performance Space Structure Systems)
Project Management at the TFK Silke Grosch