Development of customized Plants

If required, Fraunhofer-Center HTL develops customer-specific plants or plant components for component production and measurement and manufactures prototypes or small lots. The first phase entails precise specification of the task together with the customer, where the requirements and general framework is precisely defined. The result of the task specification is a list of requirements containing all relevant data and features of the system to be developed. Fraunhofer-Center HTL uses this as the basis to develop the concept for the specific plant. Already existing, commercially available plants or plant components are used in the best possible manner. The concept is coordinated with the customer.

Subsequently, the thermal, mechanical and electrical design of the machine components is undertaken. The necessary CAD files and the specifications for the plant software are created. If necessary, FE simulations are undertaken to verify the design and identify critical elements. A hazard analysis is also performed. The plant is constructed using commercially available standard components as well as special parts manufactured at the machining centre, on the 3D printers or in the workshops at the Fraunhofer-Center HTL. The competences at the Center for Device Development of Fraunhofer ISC are also used for plant construction. If required, EU Declarations of Conformity and CE marking are implemented. The plant is transferred to the customer after passing the internal acceptance procedure.

Our Services:

  • Concept development for customized plants and plant components
  • Development of prototypes
  • Construction of customized special plants

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