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Dense oxide ceramic CMC components for micro gas turbine applications (DoMiGat)


Micro Gas Turbine
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Micro Gas Turbine

The efficiency of thermal processes increases with the available temperature interval. The temperature range of the metallic superalloys used today is limited by their maximum operating temperature. In order for ceramics to be used in thermomechanically highly stressed areas, such as in gas turbines, the naturally brittle ceramics must be reinforced with ceramic fibres resistant to high temperatures. The fibres are embedded in a ceramic matrix. If fibres and matrix consist of oxide ceramics, this is called O-CMC (Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites). Until now, O-CMCs have had an open-pored matrix. Their maximum application temperature is limited to approx. 1100 °C.



O-CMC ring segment from MTU Aero Engines
© MTU Aero Engines Flug Revue
O-CMC ring segment from MTU Aero Engines

The aim of the project is to develop an O-CMC that can be used at significantly higher temperatures up to approx. 1250 °C. In addition, a demonstrator component made of this novel material is to be developed: a stator for micro gas turbines. The open-pored matrix of the O-CMC is to be replaced by a dense oxide ceramic matrix. In addition, fibre coatings are to be developed to bond the fibres to the matrix. It is to be shown that the efficiency of micro gas turbines can be significantly increased with the new material.


Prototype stator for a microturbine made of low-cost CMC
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Prototype stator for a microturbine made of low-cost CMC
  • Development of a multilayer fiber coating with YDS (yttrium disilicate), YMS (yttrium monolilicate), AlP (aluminum phosphate), alumina and carbon for ductile bonding of matrix fiber in an oxide dense CMC
  • Coating of roving and fabric
  • Development of a dense oxide ceramic matrix with process temperatures < 1250 °C.
    • Sealing of the matrix via infiltration with SiOC-forming resins or with crystalline glasses as glass melts
  • Surface sealing of O-CMC components by means of glass-ceramic coatings
  • Production of prototype components - stator - for a micro gas turbine made of silica fabric with low sintering Al2O3-SiO2 matrix and sealing by means of glaze

Project Data

Project Duration 01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022
Sponsor Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Funding Amount 485,000 Euro
Project Partners Fraunhofer-Centre HTL
Paul Rauschert GmbH & Co. KG
Gerster TechTex
Fraunhofer IPK
Euro-K GmbH
Project Coordination BMBF call for proposals "High-performance materials for efficient and environmentally friendly drive systems" (HoMAS)
Project management at the HTL Arne Rüdinger