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Material Advancements for Solar Fuels Technology (MAfoS)


Solar-to-fuel plant
© Synhelion SA
Solar-to-fuel plant

As part of the multilateral funding program Eurostars 3 the MAfoS project focuses on a holistic concept for CO2 reduction and storage of renewable energies in artificial fuels. In order to achieve this, the performance of solar-to-fuel technology should be increased and an industrial expansion of solar-to-fuel plants should be made possible. Using this new technology can make a significant contribution to achieving the climate targets.


Pilot-scale spinning of oxide ceramic fibers
© Fraun
Pilot-scale spinning of oxide ceramic fibers

The aim of the project is to develop crucial equipment and materials for the first industrial solar-to-fuel pilot plant. The pilot plant will be used to produce a sustainable liquid fuel from concentrated solar energy, water, CO2, and possibly CH4. Advances in materials include the development of novel high temperature oxide ceramic fiber composite tubes, novel environmental barrier coatings for crucial components of the pilot plant for use in a high temperature range of 1200 °C - 1700 °C.


Oxide ceramic matrix composite with gas-tight coating
© Fraunhofer-Center HTL
Oxide ceramic matrix composite with gas-tight coating

The work at the HTL will include the development and production of oxide fibers for CMC tubes and the development and production of coatings for various components:

  • Pilot scale fiber production
  • Development of oxide fibers for temperatures > 1300 °C
  • Development of corrosion resistant coatings for insulation material (receiver and storage equipment) and silica glass
  • Verification of corrosion resistance with ThermoOptic measuring devices

Project Data

Project Duration 1.8.2022 - 31.7.2025
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.
Funding Amount HTL 360.000 Euro
Project Partners Fraunhofer-Center HTL
Synhelion SA
CeraFib GmbH
Project Coordination Synhelion SA
Project Management at the HTL Jonathan Maier