Fibre Mesh Reinforcement

To increase the damage tolerance of refractory materials, Fraunhofer-Center HTL has developed a patented fibre mesh reinforcement. The mode of action of the fabric grid is based on the defined connection between the fibre and the matrix material. This stops or diverts cracks at the interface between matrix and fibre material. Fracture energy is dissipated and a quasi-ductile damage-tolerant behaviour is created. Depending on the conditions of use, the fabric grids can consist of carbon, glass, basalt, silicon carbide or oxide ceramic fibres. These are inserted into the respective moulds during the manufacturing process and mixed with the matrix material (oxide ceramics, non-oxide ceramics or also graphite-based materials). This is followed by thermal treatment to stabilise the matrix. The reinforced refractory materials produced in this way offer great potential for applications in which damage-tolerant, load-bearing high-temperature components are required.

Other Application and Product Areas

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