Product Area Ceramics

Ceramics can be used in a wide range of industries due to their rigidity, chemical resistance and numerous functional properties. Composition and microstructure are highly variable and are customised at Fraunhofer-Center HTL. In addition to the application properties, the manufacturing processes are also optimised. Here, the focus is on the heat treatment processes.


Further information

Silicate Ceramics

In the production of silicate ceramics, heat treatment contributes significantly to product quality and manufacturing costs. It is therefore worthwhile to optimise the process parameters during heat treatment.

Technical Ceramics

Technical ceramics are ceramics whose properties have been optimised for their technical purpose. Depending on the area of application, we speak of structural ceramics, construction ceramics, engineering ceramics, functional ceramics, electrical ceramics, cutting ceramics or bioceramics, and generally also of high-performance ceramics, which is defined in DIN V ENV 12212.


Additively Manufactured Components

For technical ceramics, additive manufacturing opens up new design possibilities, not only for the production of prototypes, but also for the production of series parts. Various two-step additive manufacturing processes are available for this, e.g. stereolithography and binder jetting.

Refractory Ceramics

Refractory materials include dense shaped refractory products, lightweight and insulating bricks, fibre-based refractory products and unshaped products. They primarily have a load-bearing and insulating function.

Other application and product areas

Aeronautics and Aerospace

Energy Technology