At Fraunhofer-Center HTL, sensors for industrial furnaces and other thermal processes are developed specifically for high-temperature applications. On the one hand, the focus is on recording operating parameters in industrial furnaces such as temperature, gas composition or flow rates, which are required for the development and operation of digital furnace twins. Another central aspect is the recording of furnace parameters that are suitable as indicators for necessary maintenance or the risk of major damage. Particular challenges for high-temperature sensor technology are the high thermomechanical loads and corrosive atmospheres that the sensors have to withstand.

Here you will find a selection of our research projects:

  • FuDiPo Future Directions for Process Industry Optimization
  • DiMaWert Sub-project: DigiSens - Optical Sensor Technology
  • DiMaWert Sub-project: DigiSens - Structural Health Monitoring
  • DiMaWert Sub-project: DigiRaum - Autonomous Sensor Module

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