Sensors and Kiln Analysis

In the field of thermoprocessing technology, it is a particular challenge to obtain reliable measurement data from inside the oven due to the high temperatures, often in combination with aggressive atmospheres. Conversely, however, it is precisely the furnace parameters such as the real temperature at the material to be heated or the composition and flow velocity of the furnace atmosphere that determine the quality of the thermoprocess and the resulting products. The corresponding high-temperature sensor technology and the furnace analysis it enables are also of central importance for the development and validation of digital furnace models and digital furnace twins. At Fraunhofer-Center HTL, a whole range of high-temperature sensors are being developed or are already being used for mobile furnace analysis.

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At the HTL, sensors for industrial furnaces and other thermal processes are developed specifically for high-temperature applications. On the one hand, the focus is on recording operating parameters in industrial furnaces such as temperature, gas composition or flow rates, which are required for the development and operation of digital furnace twins.

Kiln Analysis

Industrial thermoprocessing plants often still offer a high potential for optimisation in terms of cost and energy efficiency as well as the product quality achieved. Optimisation approaches concern the kiln insulation, setting plans, kiln furniture used as well as the temperature cycles and kiln atmospheres - the latter concerning composition and gas flow.

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