Applications Thermoprocessing

Thermal processes must basically be viewed from two sides. From the perspective of the thermoprocessing equipment, the investment and operating costs are decisive. The latter are determined by the energy consumption of the furnaces and the wear of the components. From the perspective of the material to be heated, on the other hand, the temperatures and the interactions with gaseous or solid components during the processes are decisive. These determine the product quality and the exclusion rates. At HTL, both aspects are taken into account to enable sustainable thermoprocesses. In the process, digital twins for furnace systems and thermoprocesses as well as high-temperature.


Digital twins

Industrial furnace systems can be measured on site with various sensors and simulated on the computer to optimise heat management. The required material properties are determined at high temperatures in special ThermoOptic Measuring (TOM) furnaces at HTL.


High-temperature components

Components used at high temperatures often have to withstand corrosive atmospheres, rapid temperature changes or machanic loads. 


At HTL, sensors are developed for industrial furnaces and other thermal processes. These must withstand high thermomechanical loads and corrosive atmospheres.


Other applications

Aeronautics and Aerospace

Energy Technology

Ceramic Products