CMC for Other Applications

Highly rigid ceramic structures are relevant for many aerospace applications, e.g. as carriers and housings for satellite components and mini-satellites. Fibre-reinforced ceramics (CMC) also have excellent reliability. Additionally relevant for aerospace is the small coefficient of expansion, which can be set close to zero for CMC. 3D-printing offers the possibility of precisely producing very lightweight ceramic support structures. Fraunhofer-Center HTL is also developing foldable textile structures for space mirrors.

Here you will find a selection of our research projects:

  • CaGeFa Highly drapable carbon fabric-fibre preforms for efficient fibre-reinforced ceramics to meet requirements
  • RuRoRa Round-needled C/SiC tubular structures for space travel
  • 3D-FRG Development of a coating for short fibres via the vortex coating process

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