Other Applications in Energy Technology

Hot steam pipes in gas-fired power plants must withstand high pressures at the highest possible temperatures. At Fraunhofer-Center HTL, material composites are being developed in which gas-tight steel pipes are reinforced with a ceramic fibre composite (CMC) to prevent creep under internal pressure loads. In addition, 3D-printed ceramic sensors are available for use in harsh conditions at high temperatures and in corrosive atmospheres. The HTL is also working on fibre-reinforced pressure tanks for hydrogen storage.

Here you will find a selection of our research projects:

  • Fibre-reinforced material systems Technology development for CMC reinforcement of power plant pipes
  • KuWaTa Spherical pressure vessels for hydrogen storage
  • FuDiPo Future Directions for Process Industry Optimization
  • EnerTHERM Characterisation of industrial thermoprocessing equipment

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