CMC for Stationary Gas Turbines

The higher the operating temperature of stationary gas turbines, the higher their efficiency. From a technological point of view, a level has been reached where a significant increase in the operating temperature can only be achieved by using CMC.

Here you will find a selection of our research projects:

  • CMC-Engine Lightweight structures made of SiC/SiC ceramics: key components for next-generation gas turbines
  • DoMiGat Dense oxide ceramic CMC components for microturbine applications
  • RoSiC Development of SiC fabrics for the winding process for the production of high-temperature resistant pipes
  • 3D-FRG Development of a coating for short fibres via the vortex coating process
  • TraTurb CMC support structures in the hot-fibre section of gas turbines
  • CMC-TurbAn CMC optimisation for turbine applications

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