Fraunhofer-Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL

Location Würzburg

In Würzburg, the HTL uses rooms of the parent institution Fraunhofer ISC. On its area at Neunerplatz 2, the Fraunhofer-Center HTL has three laboratories and one technical centre with a total surface of 500 m2 at its disposal. The installed plants are mainly used for the development of ceramic fibres and coatings as well as fibre testing. In order to be able to put up the spinning towers, the technical centre has a ceiling height of 8.5 meters.
The infrastructure offers the possibility to treat the textile pulp and green fibres under conditions of high purity gas. The spinning processes have a maximum capacity of 1 kg of fibres per month.

Different spinning plants for air or inert atmospheres respectively for a laboratory scale and pilot scale are available:

  • One laboratory spinning plant up to 100 filaments (dry spinning process, operated under inert conditions)
  • One laboratory spinning plant up to 150 filaments (dry spinning process and two-components-spinning-process, operated with air)
  • One technical centre spinning plant up to 1000 filaments (dry spinning process, operated with the inert atmosphere)
  • One technical centre spinning plant up to 1000 filaments (melt or dry spinning process, operated in air or with inert conditions)

The HTL occupies 20 office workplaces in Würzburg with a surface of 130 m2. Furthermore, the HTL uses the infrastructure of the parent institution, e.g. workshops, conference rooms, etc.


Location Bayreuth


Location Münchberg