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Fraunhofer-Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL

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In Münchberg the Fraunhofer-Center HTL and its Application Center Textile Fiber Ceramics TFK use rooms of the Hof University of Applied Sciences. On the campus at the Institute for material sciences “ifm” on Kulmbacherstraße 76, four laboratories and four technical centres are available on a surface of more than 5500 m2 for the development, production and testing of textile components. This makes it possible to use 10 looms with different sizes and different construction, 20 knitting machines and a modern, variable braiding machine.
Furthermore, numerous plants for the testing of fibres, rovings and textile are available, e.g. tensile testing machines for fibre fineness measurements and scuffing tests, specially developed for inorganic fibres.

Furthermore, a textile technical centre was opened at the Hof University of Applied Sciences in 2019. With a floor space of about 1,000 m2, it is equipped with the most modern textile technology facilities, for example for the production of 3D fabrics, which can also be used by TFK employees.

In Münchberg, 14 office workplaces on a surface of 150 m2 are available for the employees of TFK. In addition, the TFK uses the infrastructure of Hof University, e.g. conference rooms, canteen, etc.


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