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Fraunhofer-Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL

Location Bayreuth

A new research building for the Fraunhofer-Center for High Temperature Materials and Design in Bayreuth was built between 2013 and 2015.
The building on Gottlieb-Keim-Straße 62 offers offices on three floors and an associated technical center. The technical center comprises 15 laboratories and halls with surfaces from 30 m2 to 200 m2 on a total area of 2000 m2. The room height varies between 4 and 7 meters. All rooms in the technical center are equipped with modern and high-quality laboratory equipment with a central supply of gas and compressed air.

In 2019, a fiber pilot plant was completed directly adjacent to the main HTL building in Bayreuth. The plant will scale up the ceramic reinfocing fibers developed at the Würzburg site to an annual capacity in the tons scale. With the new building, the technical center area of the HTL could be extended by approx. 1200 m2.

The HTL has a variety of highly specialized technical plants at its disposal:

  • 13 specially developed ThermoOptical Measuring Devices (TOM) for the examination of high temperature materials and the optimization of their manufacturing processes
  • 39 furnaces for different furnace atmospheres and usable volumes
  • Numerous plants for the production and the processing of Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs)
  • Two state of the art 3D printers for additive manufacturing of ceramic and metal components
  • One laboratory for non-destructive material testing with a computer tomograph, terahertz waves technique, ultrasound diagnostic and thermography equipment
  • A five-axis machining-center and a laser facility for mechanical and thermal treatment of metals and ceramics

In Bayreuth, 80 office workplaces on an area of 600 m2 are available. In addition, a separate meeting area with conference rooms - flexible in their size - is provided. The area is suitable for a maximum of 150 participants and can be divided into four conference rooms.

For the employees of Fraunhofer-Center HTL, a room to take care of their children, a so called "Mit-Kind-Büro" (Mi-Ki-Office) is available. It can be used in emergency cases, when e.g. the day care cannot be utilized or a child is sickened. The room can also be used to facilitate the return to work after parental leave.

Currently, a new fiber pilot plant is being constructed next to the Fraunhofer-Center HTL building. With this plant, upscaling of the production capacity of ceramic reinforcement fibers developed in Würzburg to a multi-ton scale will be possible.
The area of the technical center of the HTL increases by 1200 m2 with the new building which will be finished in 2019.


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