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CMC support structures in the hot gas section of gas turbines (TraTurb)


 Canvas fabric structure SiC-fibre 8-bond atlas fabric fibre-friendly reduction fibre deflection
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Classic dense canvas fabric structure (a) as well as 8-bond atlas fabric adapted to SiC fibres with fibre-friendly reduction of fibre deflections (b)

New CMC materials can contribute to increasing the efficiency of gas turbines while reducing component weight. Thus, with the help of high-temperature stable and long-term resistant CMC materials, the cycle process can be optimised to higher operating temperatures without the need for additional cooling air. This actively supports the objectives for an environmentally friendly air traffic according to the European R&I strategy Flightpath 2050. The project will contribute to the development of processes for the production of SiC/SiC-CMC. This CMC is expected to increase the temperature range by > 100 K that is currently achievable in metallic construction.


Time and content allocation of the main activities
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Time and content allocation of the main activities
  • Multi-scale, probalistic design method for CMC
  • Functional fibre coating
  • Development of load-compatible 2.5 D fibre preforms
  • Processing of novel SiC fibres
  • Homogeneous and dense SiC-matrix by liquid silicification
  • Efficient machinig technology for features and functional surfaces


SiC-fibre tissue modification 8-bond atlas tissue structure more open tissue modification
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SiC-fibre fabric modification based on 8-bond atlas fabric structure F0 (top) towards a more open fabric modification F3 (bottom)
  • Fibre and component coating
    • Continuous application of a BN/SiC fibre coating wet chemical with thickness ≥ 500 nm
    • Textile processing without fibre damage
    • Minimisation of fibre bridging
  • Preform and matrix production
    • Optimisation of process routes for the target application (WP 3.1) textile based demonstrator (WP 3.2)
    • Modification of commercial SiC fibre preforms based on 8-bond atlas fabric for SiC/SiC production
    • Infiltratability of 2-2.5 D layered composites through LSI process
SEM-image of fracture surface SiC-fibre BN-precursor BN-fibre coating
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SEM-image of the fracture surface of a SiC-fibre with wet-chemical BN-fibre coating applied 5 times over a BN-precursor. The thickness of the BN layer is approx. 120 nm.

Project Data

Project Duration 01.11.2018 - 30.10.2021
Sponsor Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Funding Amount 200,000 Euro
Project Partners Fraunhofer-Centre HTL
Fraunhofer IKTS
Fraunhofer IPK
Fraunhofer IWM
MTU Aero Engines AG
Schunk GmbH & Co. KG
German Aerospace Centre
BJS Ceramics GmbH
Project Coordination MTU Aero Engines AG
Project Management at the HTL
Dr. Alexander Konschak