What we can do for you

Research as a Service

In most industries, research is an indispensable prerequisite for economic success, but it also costs money. That is why every company must make sure that its innovation work is as effective as possible. Contract research is an inexpensive alternative: As a temporary partner, we complete specific projects professionally and on schedule. Compared to in-house research capacity, the costs are low and easy to calculate.


Forms of Cooperation

A cooperation with us - whether small or extensive - is aimed at solving your problem and introducing your innovation into the company or the market. A cooperation is always based on the specific needs of the customer. Often, cooperation begins with an initial project. If you have a small project to work on, you will be provided with research and development services just as professionally as the client of a large project.

Individual Requests

The classic case of cooperation is the individual request: you see a need for research or development and would like to bring a product innovation to market, improve a process, solve a logistical problem or have a process tested and certified. In a discussion with you, we will show you which solutions are available, which cooperation is suitable and what expenditure can be expected.

Large Projects with many Partners

Some problems are so complex that several partners have to develop the solution. Then the entire environment of the Fraunhofer Institutes is available to the clients. External partners and other companies can also be involved. We have experience with the efficient and fair handling of large projects. And we also know what government funding is available.

International Cooperations

Fraunhofer is also represented abroad. We have international experience, corresponding cultural and linguistic competencies and know the global markets. This means we can also support internationally active companies abroad.

Strategic Partnerships

Fraunhofer wants to advance promising technologies. This preliminary research, which initially takes place independently of orders, often results in long-lasting partnerships with companies.

Bundled Competencies

The institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft cooperate with each other in alliances and thus bring together different competencies in flexible structures, depending on the requirements. In this way, they secure their leading position in the development of system solutions and the implementation of holistic innovations. Fraunhofer-Center HTL is organised into four alliances.

Fraunhofer Energy Alliance

Fraunhofer Energy Alliance brings together 20 Fraunhofer Institutes that are involved in various areas of energy research. Key offerings include product developments and (research) services in the areas of energy generation, storage, distribution and integration. Equally important for a future-oriented, fair and economic energy supply are the digitalisation of the entire energy system, systemic solution offerings and the inclusion of framework conditions in the area of climate and environment.

Fraunhofer-Center HTL is a member of the Energy Alliance together with its parent institute Fraunhofer ISC.

Further information (here under Fraunhofer ISC): Fraunhofer Energy Alliance

Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing

Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing integrates 19 Fraunhofer Institutes that focus on different areas of additive manufacturing. It thus covers the entire process chain. This includes the development, application and implementation of additive manufacturing methods and processes as well as the associated materials.

Fraunhofer-Center HTL is a member of the competence field Additive Manufacturing together with its parent institute Fraunhofer ISC.

Further information (here under Fraunhofer ISC): Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing

Fraunhofer Research Area Technical Textiles

The total of 7 Fraunhofer Institutes in the Textile Research Field have joined forces in order to map the entire textile value chain from textile machinery to fibre production, manufacture of preforms and semi-finished products, textile functionalisation, smart textiles, process and product simulation, sustainability/ eco-balancing and recycling, right through to fibre composite components by bundling individual competences.

Fraunhofer-Center HTL is a member of the Fraunhofer Research Area Technical Textiles together with its Application Center for Textile Fibre Ceramics TFK.

Further information (here under Fraunhofer ISC): Fraunhofer Research Area Technical Textiles