ThermoOptical Measuring Devices (TOM)


TOM_pyr is a measuring furnace for analysis and optimization of debinding processes. In addition to binder burn-out and pyrolysis, dehydration processes can be investigated under industrial conditions. The component or sample size can reach up to 100 mm. The operation is carried out in a controlled atmosphere using either an inert gas or (partially) oxidizing atmospheres. Burner exhaust gases can be used as well. To follow the debinding conditions in the industrial furnace, the furnace gas flows around the sample (speed up to 20 m/s). A cyclic gas flow enables the controlled removal of debinding products. The maximum temperature of 650 °C can be approached in the ramp area of 0.05 to 5 K/min. The weighing of the sample takes place (weight up to 500 g) with a resolution of 1mg. By acoustic emission analysis of samples cracks which form during debinding are detected in situ. Measurements are defined by job files and carried out fully automatically - after completion of the test operation.

Our Services:

  • Analysis and optimization of binder burn-out, pyrolysis and dehydration
  • Maximum temperature 650 °C with ramps of 0.05 to 5 K/min
  • Operating in inert or partly oxidizing atmospheres and air with analysis of the furnace exhaust gases
  • Circulation of the furnace atmosphere with speeds up to 20 m/s
  • Acoustic emission analysis for crack detection in the samples
  • Maximum sample or sample stack size of 100 mm
  • Weighing up to 500 g with 1 mg resolution

is a measuring furnace for analysis and optimization


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