Additive Manufacturing Forum 2021

What we at the HTL can do for you

The Fraunhofer Centre for High Temperature Lightweight Construction HTL develops and manufactures components made of ceramics, metal and metal-ceramic composites via additive manufacturing. Standard materials are aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide and steel. The technology field of additive manufacturing includes the development of new material systems and manufacturing processes, the production of prototypes and small series as well as the quality management of additively manufactured components.
In the following, we have compiled our most important information material on the subject of additive manufacturing for you: Short videos, product flyers, publications, websites. We will be happy to answer any questions!

Our product flyers on the subject of additive manufacturing


Additive manufacturing of ceramic components


Additive manufacturing of metal-ceramic composites


High temperature materials and components

Our publications on the topic of additive manufacturing

Raether, F.; Vogt, J.: From Prototyping to Serial Production – 3D-Printing in Ceramic Manufacturing, CFI Ceramic Forum International, 3-4/2020, S. E45-E50.

Vogt, L.; Schäfer, M.; Kurth, D.; Raether, F.: Usability of electrophoretic deposition for additive manufacturing of ceramics, Ceramics International, 45/2019, S. 14214-14222. (Abstract)

Nachum, S.; Vogt, J.; Raether, F.: Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics: Stereolithography versus Binder Jetting, CFI Ceramic Forum International, 3/2016, S. E27-E33.

Our short videos on the topic of additive manufacturing

Production of components from ceramics using stereolithography


Production of components from metal using binder jetting